Feeding Education

The Recipe For A Compassionate Tomorrow

Shaken & Stirred

"Shaken" is exactly how most of us feel living in these troubled times. 

What we need is for people to "Stir" it up a bit. 

A pinch of compassion fed daily to our youth will help them grow with confidence. Mix in some important skills like communication and living consciously to truly create a recipe that is out of this world!

With just a few basic ingredients we know that we can empower the teens of today to become the compassionate leaders our future desperately needs. 

The kids are our future. Let us nourish them with workshops, challenges, events, connections, and fun, engaging, and amazing opportunities.

 Will you join us in the kitchen? 



Our actions impact everyone and everything around us. Living consciously is a skill that oncemastered, will change everything. 


Want to help but are afraid to speak up? It's okay. We understand completely. We also know how to help you overcome that!


There's a difference between talking and communicating. Let's work together to develop this important skill. 


Kindness is kind of a big deal. We believe it can change the world. Explore new ways to spread compassion like sparks from a fire.