Unlocking Potential

Successful Leadership

Feeding Education (FED) allows teenagers to participate in a leadership role catering to their skills and interests. By setting them up to succeed we teach them confidence in their leadership abilities. 

We support charities, organizations, and causes that are of a compassionate nature. We accomplish this by planning and implementing an event or fundraiser to help the selected organization with their mission.

A team of 6 teens are chosen as the Board of Directors (Key Players) and each Director has a specialized role. We utilize an online collaboration system to interact online and share information, files, video conferencing, setting reminders, and to do lists. An adult oversees each project and offers guidance and support as needed. In short, the teens are in charge, and adults just serve as supporting players. 

When teens work together to support a common cause then everyone wins. Let's change the world one project at a time!

Projects Begin -

Every project begins with a Research Director who submits an idea for a worthy charity, organization, or mission that needs some help. Are you local teenager (Greater Hartford area of CT) with an idea? 

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The Key Players

Research Director

Creative Director

Event Director

Connector Director

Recruiter Director

Social Media Director

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