Research Director

The Beginning

Every action begins with a simple idea. and with FED that idea begins with the Research Director. Your job is to research local charities, organizations, or important causes and choose one that needs support. You will submit your idea to FED and will discuss your findings one on one in a very casual setting with a member of FED. You will share your research and information to help us understand the mission and value of the organization you chose. 

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Creative Director

The Idea

Once an organization / mission is chosen the next step is to create a beneficial way to support them. The Creative Director will pitch various ideas for events / fundraisers to the Research Director and FED. They will utilize the information provided by the Research Director to recommend a successful campaign based on the values and goals of the organization. 

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Event Director

The Plan

Once the mission and the idea are chosen then someone needs to bring it all together. The Event Director is the main organizer of the plan from start to finish. They will create the organizational outline and identify the key elements that need to be fulfilled in order to make the event / fundraiser successful. This role requires strong organizational skills and people skills to effectively communicate the needs and make sure all aspects are covered. This role will work very closely with FED so they feel supported at all times. 

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Connector Director

The Voice

With every event / fundraiser there is a "client" that we are working for. It is very important that we properly represent their organization and values so it's imperative that we work closely with them to obtain information and seek approvals. This liaison will be responsible for communicating all the important details to the organization and also bringing questions and concerns by theselected organization back to the Key Players. The Voice is crucial for connections.  

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Recruiter Director

The Gathering

Every event / fundraiser needs more help than just the Key Players can provide. It's important to recruit a team that is determined to help the mission succeed. This role requires a passionate people person to excite and encourage others to join the cause. They will work closely with the Event Director to identify the areas that need help so they can effectively communicate what is needed. This high energy level and communication will ensure that an event / fundraiser is fully staffed for success. 

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Social Media Director

The Sharing

One of the most important pieces of a successful event / fundraiser is making sure that people know about it. This role requires someones that is social media savvy and is dedicated to showcasing the mission from every angle. A Social Media Director encourages participation while creating awareness through a variety of platforms. 

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