Our Master Key

Key is a 7th grader who I "met" (via social media) through her amazing mom, Fallynn. I was instantly drawn to Fallynn's energetic spark and her kind thoughtful ways and quickly learned that her daughter was just as amazing.  

One day Fallynn shared a story of watching Key pack her own lunch for school and noticing that she was taking an excessive amount of food. Key admitted that she was bringing extra to share with a classmate that didn't have enough, and Fallynn instantly responded with support and asked Key to find out what this child likes so she can include them in her weekly shopping trips...

I cannot express to you how deeply this touched me. Such a simple exchange that changes everything. A child saw another child hungry and respectfully never revealed that child's struggle but instead quietly and simply made sure to bring extra food to help them. 

In a world where adults rule we seem to have forgotten the beauty and strength that lies within the innocence and kindness of children. The key to the success of a program like this is in making sure that the supplies and resources get directly to the children that need it most. Who better to identify a child that needs help than their peers and friends? 

I certainly hope that Feeding Education makes a difference in many people's lives, and when it does I can say with confidence that the key to our success was Keyleigh. Thanks for being amazing girl. You truly are an inspiration!