The Peacock Party

A Unique Fundraiser

Peacocks are unique and beautiful creatures that are known to be symbols of benevolence and compassion. This is exactly why we have selected them as our mascot! 

A group of peacocks is called a "party" and we want to invite compassionate people to attend. Do you know someone with a beautiful and generous heart? Someone unique and deserving of a "thank you for all that you do?" Let's show these people their kindness matters and how appreciated they are!

The Peacock Party (peacock lawn ornaments) will be delivered to their yard along with an encouraging note telling the recipient that someone thinks they are pretty amazing. The party will spend a day or two visiting before our relocation team moves them to their next destination in the Greater Hartford area of CT.  

Just use the "Send an Invite" button to learn more or to get started. 

Let's Get This Party Started!

We like to make things easy so just click the button, answer a few questions and a member of the Peacock Party will be in contact to arrange the details.  

Thank you!

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Peacock Sponsors


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The more peacocks (lawn ornaments) we have to offer then the more people we can impact! Will you become a peacock sponsor and help us to grow our party? Your peacock can also wear a tag with your name or business. Thank you!